Interskate 91 (South)

From the Interskate 91 website:
"Interskate 91 has been hosting children's birthday parties for over 25 years. We are very good at what we do. Give your child an "Amazing" party, a party they will never forget, a birthday party here at Interskate 91....Where "Amazing" happens!"

All Party Packages Include:

  • Reserved table in the Birthday Room
  • Costumed server
  • Helium balloons
  • Printed invitations
  • 5 game tokens per guest
  • One slice of Pizza or hot dog snack w/soda
  • Paper products
  • The Cash Cube challenge, (birthday child only)
  • DJ announcement
  • A free skating lesson, (birthday child only)
  • Host parents play or skate free
  • A complimentary locker in the Birthday Room for your belongings

Katie's Review:
Interskate has lots of specialized packages to augment their basic party. I frequently see parents meeting with the managers to plan the perfect package at Interskate. Check out their website to see the variety of their offerings.

I have been to parties when Interskate is really busy and when it is quiet. If you have a party of kids who do not know how to skate, I advise against having your party on a busy night. A crowded floor at Interskate is not for the newbie skater. I rescued both of my fear stricken children off the floor. But, a quiet night for new skaters or a busy night for experienced (older) skaters is a lot of fun. 

There is also a play structure and laser tag for non-skater fun. Interskate 91 is well experienced at throwing parties and regardless, you are in good hands. Just be sure to ask how busy the night will be. Kids who have crowd or noise associated anxiety will want a quieter night. 

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Interskate 91 (South)
2043 Boston Road
Wilbraham, 01095
(413) 543-3391