About The Education Guide

If I've heard it once, I've heard it one thousand times, "I want to live in a city, but what about the schools?"

As a residents of Springfield, MA with kids in various schools, this is a topic BYOFamily is particularly passionate about. BYOFamily believes that schools should not be a reason why you avoid living out your urban dreams in either Springfield or Holyoke or any city for that matter.

This section will focus on Springfield and will expand to Holyoke in the coming months. However, several of the private and charter school options are open to students living throughout the region.

Springfield, MA is no different than any other medium size city in America. If offers several options for K-12 education including public, charter, magnet, school choice, private, parochial and home schooling. This guide will at a minimum list every school or resource within this range of options and will provide links and contacts and application deadlines where applicable.

Public school education in Springfield can be generalized by statistics that reflect negatively on the City. It is our experience that each school is different and that parents should take time to meet teachers, administrators and other parents before making a decision about a school- any school. Student attendance can be a big factor in a school's performance. Students who do not attend school regularly don't do well. School statistics do not make this distinction.

Katie Stebbins, publisher of, has had two children in a Springfield public school. This school has provided an excellent and challenging education for her kids- something that is not reflected in the school's overall performance statistics. Katie has also enrolled her kids in private schools and has homeschooled. 

Springfield has educational options to meet the need of every family- welcome!