Heritage Park- East Longmeadow

Photo Credit: Jennifer Garutti

Heritage Park in East Longmeadow was one of the first parks in the region to add rock wall climbing elements to its playscape. The play structure at Heritage Park is soaring and kids can really get into playing castle at this playground. There is a separate play area for toddlers that is pretty big with lots of variety. The swings are conveniently located between the two areas, perfect for a one parent visit. Located next to the playground is a duck pond and ball fields. There are no bathrooms, but there is a large shopping plaza across the street with facilities.

  • Swings: all types
  • Picnic tables
  • Play Field
  • Wood Chip Surface
  • Duck Pond
  • No Bathrooms!
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Heritage Park East Longmeadow
North Main Street 
East Longmeadow, MA