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Love, Etc.

This month being February, what else could I talk about but love.

Ironically, it’s typically the coldest month of the year. For some reason when I think of love I think of warmth. But it also means that we are close to the end of winter- and warm weather is not far behind.

smurfs.jpgOne of my goals this year (don’t laugh) is to read 12 books, and my first one is The Alchemist, a novel byPaulo Coelho, and it’s really got me thinking. Not only about the love you have for your wife and kids but doing things that you love in order to keep you happy. The people that get to do something they love for work are the luckiest people in the world.

Now right off the top of your head you may think of artists, actors, and maybe musicians but it could be any job doing just about anything as long you love doing it. Just the other day I met a woman who cleans houses for a living, which I can’t imagine is a great job. But she said she loves it and that it made her happy and by her being happy it makes for a great family life.

If you are not that lucky you have to find the things that make you happy, so that happiness will leak into your everyday life. Whether it’s working out, helping in the community or just spending extra time with your kids, anything that warms your heart. Never stop doing the things that make you happy and looking for new ways to better yourself.

And if that doesn’t work- buy your spouse something nice for Valentine’s Day so at least one of you is happy! Have a great February I will talk you next month and Happy Parenting.

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